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Airsoft Guns and Their History in the USA


 While airsoft Guns were unkown at the time, airsoft guns have been available to buy in the USA since around the early 1970s when they first started to come to the United States from Japan. The original airsoft guns in Japan were created after civilian ownership of firearms was banned by the Japanese government. It was quite a while however before there were any stores dedicated to the sale of airsoft guns – what we would today call an airsoft gun. Today in the United States we see a wide range of airsoft gun stores across the USA – airsoft guns dedicated to the sales of airsoft guns and equipment are popping up across the country and all over the internet.


Early Airsoft Guns


Most stores that first sold airsoft guns were sporting goods stores that happened to also sell a few airsoft guns. It was a while before the concept of an airsoft gun that was entirely dedicated to the sales of airsoft guns and airsoft equipment caught on in the USA. It took a few years for there to be enough of a following for there to be entire stores dedicated to the sales of airsoft guns and equipment, but now there huge stores across the nations dedicated to just that – airsoft guns. Georgia seems to be one of the earliest states to have airsoft guns dedicated entirely to the sales of airsoft and other airsoft equipment.


Since airsoft guns and the sport of airsoft didn’t become widely known in the USA until around the turn of the century, there weren’t many (if any) airsoft guns in existence in the USA before the year 2000. There were quite a few sports retail stores that sold airsoft guns and airsoft equipment, but it wasn’t until the end of the 1990’s that we started to really see airsoft gun specialty stores in the USA.


One of the first airsoft guns in the USA that claims to have been dedicated entirely to the sales of airsoft guns and equipment was a store in Georgia in 1999, and yet another store in Atlanta that opened its doors in the year 2000. Today we have airsoft guns all over the country that sell a wide range of airsoft guns and equipment. In addition to airsoft gun stores, and airsoft guns, we also have places like the Airsoft Guns that incorporates an entire indoor and outdoor airsoft arena into its facility! Airsoft Guns are definitely helping airsoft to sweep the nation.


While the ongoing legislation changes may have deterred some vendors from becoming airsoft guns, some of the largest airsoft guns have thrived in the last eleven years in the USA. These airsoft guns have focused on making affordable and high-quality airsoft guns and tectical equipment available to both the government and consumer markets. It is with these sames goals in mind, airsoft guns around the nation offer secure playing fields and events to cater to their clientelle and build the popularity of their sport.