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Airsoft Spring Pistols

If you are an airsoft gun fan or if you're considering taking up the hobby, one of the first decisions you'll have to make will involve the firing mechanism. When it comes to airsoft pistols, you can find some powered electrically or by gas. However, one of the most common varieties is the airsoft spring pistol. Although these may not always be the best choice if you're planning on engaging in competition, they do have some advantages that have made them popular with some enthusiasts.

How Airsoft Spring Pistols Work

Airsoft spring pistols work using potential energy. If you don't remember those physics classes from high school or college, let's go over the idea briefly. Basically, when energy is stored up without being spent, this is known as potential energy (the name makes sense). When the energy is released, it becomes kinetic. You might think of a large boulder at the top of a hill. While the boulder sits there, it has potential energy. When it starts rolling down the hill, it has kinetic energy.

Inside these types of airsoft handguns, you'll find a spring. When the user pulls back the slide, the spring is filled with potential energy just waiting to be released. When the trigger is pulled, the spring is released and that force sends the pellet zooming out of the muzzle with significant force. Many of the electric powered versions use a similar spring-loaded system but because their energy comes not just from the spring but also from the electricity they are not classified the same way.

Disadvantages of Spring Pistols

If you're looking at a spring airsoft pistol, you should realize there are some disadvantages. For one, these are rarely going to be as powerful as the models that use gas or electricity. There are a few on the market at the high-end which can be quite powerful but don't purchase the ordinary ones on the shelves at the local store expecting to be victorious during your next airsoft competition. It's unlikely to happen.

Another disadvantage is because of the firing mechanism, you cannot use a airsoft spring pistol to fire more than one consecutive shot. That means you're not going to find these models in semi-automatic or automatic varieties. You can imagine that if you're playing against a team armed with that type of firepower you'd be in for a lot of trouble on the field. 

Advantages of Spring Pistols

One of the reasons many players swear by this type of airsoft gun pistol is that they are more reliable. Many other types of airsoft weapons can malfunction under specific conditions, such as cold weather. Also, there is the risk of running out of power when relying on external energy sources, such as batteries. This isn't going to happen with an airsoft spring pistol . Plus, water won't cause the equipment to stop working either. That means you can count on it to fire whenever needed. Plus, most of these airsoft rifles are more affordable than the other types.