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  G-Tac 11.1v 1100mAh 15C Lipo Airsoft Battery

G-Tac 11.1v 1100mAh 15C Lipo Airsoft Battery
G-Tac 11.1v 1100mAh 15C Lipo Airsoft Battery

G-Tac 11.1v 1100mAh 15C Lipo Airsoft Battery
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G-Tac 11.1v 1100mAh 15C Lipo Airsoft Battery
New from G-Tac, these premium quality Lipo Batteries will rev up the Rate Of Fire on your AEG like no other! Order these quick, because they will not last. Please read all the info below regarding Lipo Batteries and their operation in Airsoft guns.
This 11.1v Lipo will fit the following lipo ready airsoft gun models -
  • CPM
  • ER-25K
  • M4
  • M8-A3
  • M8-A4
  • SM Series
  • Task Force Black 2
  • Task Force Black 6

Safety & Buyer Responsibilities:
- General Rule #1: Monitor and charge / store your Airsoft battery on none-flammable surface only.
- Charge with Li-po chargers only. Never discharge it with a discharger.
- When noticing power low, stop usage and charge battery full. Do not over-drain (abuse) a li-po battery.
- LiPo batteries are best stored fully charged.
- All sales are final on battery packs.
- Buyer assume full responsibility for all damages and liability result from using any Airsoft batteries.

Why Li-Po:
- Most AEG will never be able to fit a 10.8V or 12V battery unless you utilize Li-Po.
- Trigger Response Time: "Instant" trigger response time. Perfect for snipers!
- High ROF (Rate of Fire): Higher discharge rate and power. Achieve "Stream / Line of bb" without high speed gears and motor. Immediate "high speed" upgrade.
- Duration: Tired of running out of juice in the middle of a game? Li-Poly lasts much longer.
- Often, once you use Li-Poly, you can never go back. The increased rate of fire and performance will get you addicted to using them.

Charging Instructions:

To prevent possible fire damage, it is recommended that you charge your LiPo batteries outdoors in a fire proof container.

Set voltage and current correctly to ensure that your battery will get a full charge. The charge voltage should equal the number

of cells times 4.2V per cell and the current should match the capacity of the pack (or lower). Please see example below:

If your charger’s current setting is jumper selectable, set it to match the capacity of the battery (or lower).

  • PQ2S-1500, set charge parameters to 2 cells (8.4V), and current to 1500mAh.
  • PQ3S-1500, set charge parameters to 3 cells (12.6V), and current to 1500mAh or lower.
  • PQ4S-2600, set charge parameters to 4 cells (16.8V), and current to 2600mAh or lower.

Do not charge your LiPo battery above 1C (1 time the capacity). Your charger should complete charging your battery packs within one hour. Do not attempt to charge your battery if they are wired in parallel. Doing so will increase the risk of potential fire hazard and void all warranty. You should ONLY charge each battery pack individually through the PCM plug utilizing the PCM Guard.

Discharging Instructions:

Keep flight time short in multiple sessions to ensure a long life cycle. Do not exceed the rated C rating or damage can occur. If you need to exceed the C rating (i.e. take off, acrobatic stunts, etc), keep the pulse short and no more than 10 seconds. Allow for airflow over the pack in any application. This will prolong the life of the battery. Do not discharge battery to a level below 3V per cell under load. Deep discharge below 3V per cell can deteriorate life cycle and ruin your battery.

Storage & Transportation:

Store battery at room temperature in cool or shaded area. Do not expose battery packs to direct sunlight or in direct contact with any liquids. If there’s water contact, remove battery packs immediately and wipe them off with a clean towel.

Store battery in a safe container while driving. If keeping the battery in the car while driving, remove them immediately after you stop. You should never leave your battery packs in the trunk or in the car unattended as the temperatures can exceed 90F easily causing potential damage.

Life Cycle:

Life cycle of your battery depends on the extent of your C usage. The higher current you subject your LiPo battery to, the shorter life cycle you will get. If your batteries lose 20% or more of their rated capacity, you should discontinue using the battery and follow disposal instruction below.

Damaged cells or packs:

In the event that your LiPo batteries were involved in a crash, inspect the cells, wire leads, and connections for possible short circuit. If any cells are dented or deformed, there’s a possibility of cells damage. If in doubt, destroy the battery, as your safety is more important than a damaged battery. Follow disposal instructions below.

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