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Airsoft Guns and The Creation

The creation of airsoft guns started in Japan in the 80’s by a great man enen though it was illegal to own a real firearm, there was still a big demand for airsoft guns, many gun enthusiasts improvised by manufacturing spring powered airsoft guns that were exact replicas of real guns. The Airsoft sport took off rapidly, spread into North America and is now popular all around the world. Today, airsoft guns, Airsoft pistols and Airsoft rifles are mainly used for organized skermishes and, once experienced, will turn a novice player into an Airsoft enthusiast.

Types of Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns come in four types, gas powered, spring, electric and bolt action. However, within each type there are different kinds, each with its own unique style and advantages. Briefly, gas powered airsoft guns use compressed carbon dioxide to fire the BB and Spring operated airsoft guns work on mechanical power; each time you want to shoot you have to cock the airsoft gun by pulling back the bolt just as you would an actual shotgun or bolt action airsoft guns. Their design is fairly simple and so they are easy on the pocket and recommended for entry-level players. Electric airsoft guns are the most commonly available type, popular due to their power and high rate of fire. These are all the rage with either beginners or skilled airsoft players.

Godfather Airsoft Has a Huge Selection of Airsoft Guns

We have a range of airsoft guns to choose from, including spring airsoft guns and rifles, gas and electric airsoft guns. Although airsoft guns are replicas, they are designed to look very realistic and can fire small plastic pellets of 6mm and 8mm ammo up to a range of 25 to 100m at speeds of about 300 fps to 600 fps. If you are new to the sport of Airsoft there’s no need to spend a lot of money on a gun, we have many low priced high quality Airsoft Guns on our website, just take a look at our huge airsoft selection.

Indoor Airsoft Arenas,Fields, and Clubs in NJ

There are plenty of Indoor Airsoft Arenas,Fields and Clubs in the world and Godfather Airsoft organize's war-games and skirmises. A game played between 2 teams that involve skill, speed, strategy and tactics, it is an exhilarating way to enjoy and learn how to use a airsoft gun in a safe and secure situation. As long as games are properly organized they can provide all the excitement you want and a real adrenalin rush. Once you’ve experienced Airsoft Guns you’ll never look back to another sport. Participating in an airsoft themed games allows you to play out a fantasy role, video game and escape from the routine of day to day life and lose yourselves for a few hours. People come to play airsoft from all walks of life, estate agents, bankers, lawyers, teachers or housewives can handle a gun and be transformed into a member of the FBI, a criminal on the run or whoever takes their fancy at the time.

Is Airsoft Safe

Using airsoft guns can be a harmless activity as long as the guidelines regarding safety are followed and you wear the right equipment. Only play in designated areas and keep to the rules and no-one should be hurt as a result of the airsoft guns. If you are wary of being hit then there are loads of great airsoft accessories that can be acquired. Have yourself a shopping trip and stock up on protective face masks, body armor and tactical vests to keep you safe. Buy a pop-up target to practice your aim, keep your airsoft gun to hand in a tactical holster and size up your prey with a high powered scope. Airsoft guns come in a variety of types, products and sizes, whether it is simply for target practice or for fun and games, you will find a great selection here to suit everyone’s skill and taste.